Rocky Gencarelli writes for the Lehigh Valley Chamber

Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce – Connections January 2017

I’m often asked is everything going to change with the Affordable Care Act now with President-Elect Trump. My answer, I’m sure it is, but not by January 1st.  Any change associated with a new Republican President and Congress is going to take some time.  A complete repeal and replace seems ambitious, but certainly many Americans are looking for relief.  Individual premiums are skyrocketing, large employers are being forced to offer insurance or be fined, and reporting requirements have caused employers to scratch their heads in uncertainty and angst.  President-Elect Trump has illustrated his idea of a health insurance overhaul as a more consumer driven approach with more State control.  While Trump promotes more competition from carriers moving across state lines, a focus on health savings accounts, price transparency and new tax benefits he has allowed some opponents of his policies to at least feel some level of comfort he is not attempting to take insurance away from those who now have it.  The sick that now are able to have insurance, children covered under their parent’s plans until 26 seem to be parts of the ACA Trump is ok keeping.  From the beginning it seemed if we addressed the uninsured and high risk rather than disrupting the whole system we could be in a more manageable position now. While Trump’s position seemingly is to keep the insured with insurance, we may be looking at health insurance unrelated to mandates and penalties, but market driven by competition and consumerism.