Flood, Surface Water & Wet Basements

Hurricanes, Tropical Storms, and heavy rains pose a number of insurance related situations. Remember that flood, mudslide, surface water, basement flooding from seepage, and back up of sewers, drains or sump pump overflows are all types of damage that is NOT COVERED by Homeowner’s insurance and most Business insurance. Flood Insurance can be obtained for most properties to cover the flood and surface water exposures, even if the property is not situated in a “flood zone”. However, Flood Insurance carries a 30 day waiting period before coverage becomes effective unless Flood Insurance is required by the mortgage company. Depending on your insurance company, back up of sewers or drains and sump pump overflow may be endorsed for an additional premium. Damage by wind will generally be covered by most insurance policies, however wind damage to trees alone (and the resultant cleanup), usually is not covered. If you sustain damage of any sort you should always take immediate action make any temporary or emergency repairs to avoid further loss. If your damage is covered by your insurance policy, the costs of any emergency repairs to avoid further loss will be included in your claim. If you sustain water damage from heavy rains, flooding, or surface water and you need clean-up or water damage mitigation services, you may want to call ServiceMaster (800.882.7450) or ServPro (610.776.7774) for assistance. For additional information about Flood Insurance and the answers to many questions about flood preparation and recovery www.floodsmart.gov