• Final Rules for Summary of Benefit and Coverage (SBC) August 20, 2015

    New final regulations amend the existing rules on the summary of benefits and coverage (SBC) notice requirements under Health Care Reform for SBCs with respect to coverage that begins on or after September 1, 2015. Among other things, the new regulations place additional obligations on group health plans that enter into a binding contract with […]

  • Required Notice Listing August 20, 2015

    Employer sponsored health plans are required to distribute certain annual notices each year. Depending on the size and type of an employer sponsored health plan, insurance carriers may incorporate some of the required changes and notice requirements in their certificates of coverage. It is important that employers are aware of the requirements and distribute notices appropriately. To […]

  • Important Flood Insurance Information July 15, 2015

    You CAN get flood insurance if you live in a floodplain or high-flood-risk area. You CAN get flood insurance if you live outside a floodplain, or a low-to-moderate flood-risk area – and at a reasonable premium. You CAN get flood insurance if your property has been flooded before. You CAN get flood insurance from Miers […]

  • Be Prepared for the Next One July 15, 2015

    The devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy drive home the point that personal catastrophe planning is an essential part of any personal risk management program. Catastrophes, whether natural or manmade, can strike individuals and families at any time without warning. You should develop a comprehensive disaster plan that addresses the following 10 items. 1. Identify hazards […]

  • Earthquakes July 15, 2015

    Almost all Homeowners and Business Insurance policies exclude damage caused by earth movement. Many, but not all insurance companies can endorse onto the policy, coverage for this type of damage, for an additional premium. The cost of the endorsement depends upon the type of construction of the property (masonary, frame, etc) and the requested amount […]

  • ACA Reporting Forms Available August 20, 2015

    The IRS has released draft forms for 2015 to help employers who are subject to the new information reporting requirements under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) prepare for compliance. Affected employers are required to report for the first time in early 2016 for calendar year 2015. In general: Forms 1094-C and 1095-C will be used […]

  • ACA Reporting Penalties to Increase in 2016 August 20, 2015

    As part of a new law, the penalty amounts that may apply to employers subject to the Affordable Care Act’s information reporting requirements will increase next year. These employers must report certain details regarding health care coverage and other information to the IRS and to covered individuals for the first time in early 2016 for calendar […]

  • Flood, Surface Water & Wet Basements July 15, 2015

    Hurricanes, Tropical Storms, and heavy rains pose a number of insurance related situations. Remember that flood, mudslide, surface water, basement flooding from seepage, and back up of sewers, drains or sump pump overflows are all types of damage that is NOT COVERED by Homeowner’s insurance and most Business insurance. Flood Insurance can be obtained for […]

  • Dog Bites July 15, 2015

    Dog bite claims continue to be a major source of concern with homeowners insurance underwriters based upon recently released statistics by the Insurance Information Institute The year 2009 results show that $412 million in dog bite claims were paid by homeowners insurance companies. The Pitbull breed tops the list of dog bite claims, followed […]

  • House fires in the Lehigh Valley give us cause to think seriously about fire safety July 15, 2015

    SMOKE ALARM PLACEMENT. No doubt you are familiar with the number of fires that have occurred in the Lehigh Valley in recent months. Injuries and deaths (in addition to significant property damage) have occurred as a result. We would like to review some of the fundamentals of smoke alarm placement. Where should smoke alarms be […]